On Thursday March 14, 2013 psychologist Richard Samuels testified that Jodi Arias tested positive for amnesia and PTSD.  As with the test Casey Anthony took, this test included built in scales to determine whether the subject was attempting to "trick the test."   And as with the doctors who examined Casey, Samuels believes there was no sign of malingering or deception in the answering of test questions.  Should I believe that prosecutor Juan Martinez really finds it impossible that Jodi itentionally killed Travis Alexander in "the fog" she describes?   I suspect he really does.  I also suspect that Jeff Ashton really does not understand that Casey Anthony's denial could "ebb and flow," a misunderstanding he expresses in his bestseller, "Imperfect Justice."  

I am more than a little concerned about the disbelief in modern psychology which I think is rooted in two factors: (1) philosophical materialism, the theory that only physical stuff is real, which of course precludes psychology; and (2) the reduction of human behavior to good and evil.  Some have blamed Western genre novels and films for (2).  I would like to suggest that roots of the problem go back much earlier in time to the sacred scriptures of several major religions.  Because psychology and genetics were not understood at the time these texts were written, the authors had no other way to understand the world except in terms of good and evil.  It is time (well past time actually) to break free of this antiquated way of processing what we see and hear.   

I am not in any way trying to excuse what Jodi Arias did to Travis Alexander; but I do hope that the jury takes into account the possibility that she was physically and psychologically abused.  When you are a woman (or a man for that matter) and a large man lunges at you "like a linebacker," as Jodi puts it, you might react defensively -- but when the attacker is the man who has been abusing you, that puts a whole different dynamic into play.  To put in the vernacular, Jodi could have freaked out on Travis under those circumstances. The jury might also consider the possibility that this was a crime of passion related to the revelation that Travis was going to Cancun with another woman after making love with Jodi Arias.  I truly believe that Jodi is too bright to have planned a murder this poorly.  She has spent five years in prison and I suspect is looking at more hard time.  The most we can hope for is that the jurors will deliberate thoughtfully about the circumstances and come back with a fair verdict -- which in my mind would exclude first degree murder. 




03/18/2013 12:39pm

When Ashton said, " I didn't know denial could ebb and flow" I almost fell out of my chair! He is so black and white and I agree with his own critique - he said he was too logical. And so is Martinez, ( too logical) in his approach with Jodi Arias, making post death behavior relevant when it's not!

03/18/2013 12:41pm

One of Martinez obejctions to the psychologist's testimony was that he wasn't qualified to talk about the brain because he wasn't a doctor. Do you think it's actually possible that Juan Martinez is THAT ignorant to what the job of a psychologist is?

03/18/2013 12:51pm

No I don't think he is that ignorant. He's grasping for straws to be sure.


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